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Raven DeLaCroix

Raven DeLaCroix first achieved recognition as one of the Russ Meyer girls. Her first feature-length film was in the hit, Up!, Russ Meyer's 1976 movie.

In Up!, Raven starred as Margo Winchester, an attractive young woman who hitchhikes into town, and whose popularity adds to the entertainment as a murder mystery is solved.

Raven dela Croix in

Since her years as a "Russ Meyer vixen," Raven has starred in many more movies and TV shows, and has become an international star with fans across the globe.

Some of Raven's movie roles include:

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Raven's personal memorabilia

Raven has graciously agreed to autograph photos and other memorabilia for her fans. If you'd like a personally autographed still from her movies, including the cult classic, "The Lost Empire," you're in luck! Raven dela Croix

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Personally autographed memorabilia from Raven De La Croix

In the coming months, Raven will present several new products for her many fans. She's working on a couple of books, as well as some exciting digital products for personal enjoyment.

Early in 2009, look for a membership site where you can chat with Raven in person, and see her on her webcam. You'll have access to her personal photo collection, featuring many pictures never before seen by the public.